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For questions on the site itself (but not individual charges), contact Chris Ryan at 612-624-6821, or email us at eStatement@umn.edu.

Vendor Document Types Contact
Addressing and Mailing IV documents prefixed with ADM, available since January 2005. Contact is 612-626-0222, www.addrmail@umn.edu. For Courier, call 612-626-1389.
Copier Leasing IV and IX documents prefixed with OES, since July 2005. Contact is Dan Zheng at 612-625-7848, dzheng@umn.edu, www.umn.edu/oes.
Fleet Services IV and IX documents prefixed with VEH, available since December 2004. Contact is Joan Mitchell at 612-625-6818, halvo020@umn.edu, www.umn.edu/pts/fleet.
Parking and Transportation IV documents prefixed with PKG, available since December 2004. Contact is Admin Office at 612-626-7275, parking@umn.edu, www.umn.edu/pts.
Printing Services IV documents prefixed with PRT, available since February 2006. Contact is the Printing front desk at 612-625-9500, www.printing.umn.edu.
U Card Office IV documents prefixed with UCD. Security ID Badge and Gopher Gold
U Market PV documents prefixed with UMK, available since July 2013 U Market Services 612 624-4878, umarket@umn.edu, www.umarket.umn.edu.
U Market Services IV and PO documents prefixed with STR, available since July 1, 2008. U Market Services 612-624-4878, umarket@umn.edu, www.umarket.umn.edu
University Bindery IV documents prefixed with BIN, available since April 2005. Contact is Marc Flechsig at 612-626-1516, flech001@umn.edu, www.bindery.umn.edu. Closed.
University Dining Services JV documents prefixed with FSV through June, 2008. IV documents since November 2008. Contact is Marin Butzer at 612-626-2137, joh04335@umn.edu, www.dining.umn.edu.